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   23.02.15 09:03
   23.02.15 09:06
    Hello, Why have you cho
   11.03.15 10:21
   11.03.15 10:54
    Dear Mr. Paulsen, At

facts for a better understanding

However, I have to give you some facts about the film for a better understanding:


1. main theme:

The main theme of the film is the violence from among the ranks of the UK football fans in the Premier League and the impact of the foundation on Matt Buckner.

2. foundation:

The foundation in the movie is the "Green Street Elite". The short form of it is "GSE". They are a kind of fan club, but in their believe they are a firm. The GSE supports the football club West Ham United.

3. firms:

Every team of the Premier League has his own firm. A big problem is, that every firm wants to be the strongest and most dangerous one. That's why there are much fights and often seriously injured person after that.


18.2.15 11:03
Letzte Einträge: the intake in the "Green Street Elite"


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Ma-Ryan / Website (23.2.15 09:03)

ma-ryan / Website (23.2.15 09:06)
Why have you chosen the film hooligans ?
In my memory this film is in some scenes very brutal and violence.Something like that should not supported.
Regards MA

MaRyan / Website (11.3.15 10:21)

Lea Korte / Website (11.3.15 10:54)
Dear Mr. Paulsen,

At First I want to say thank you for your comment. I am really sorry for waiting so long to put my review online. I hope you forgive me.
Besides, I read your blog about the movie Hooligans. Your review inspire me and I have to watch the movie. That is why I really liked it.
In summary I can say that the film really drew me into its world of neighborhood pubs, football supporters, and the dirt-in-the-cracks reality of London. The violence is believable, realistic, graphic, and frightening. As are the consequences of that violence.


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