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the key moment

Matt's enthusiasm arises after watching his first game in the West Ham stadium. Normally people are interested in the football game itself, but instead of that Matt enjoys all the things around the football. Especially he likes the brotherhood, the solidarity and the power the "GSE" has. It's the same for every member: Football is just a minor point. The foundation is much more important!

But it's hard for Matt to be accepted in the foundation, because he was a journalism student. You have to know that journalists and police informers are a kind of enemys for the Green Street Elite. The brutal fights after the football games and the high crime rate in the foundations are very secret. For this reason a journalist is a big danger, because all the crimes the GSE-members do, are not destined for the publicity.



23.2.15 09:19
Letzte Einträge: the intake in the "Green Street Elite"


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