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Green Street Hooligans

Hi Boys and Girls!

In my blog I'll refer the most important scenes out of the movie "Green Street Hooligians". 

The reason why I chose this movie is, that nowadays nearly every football team has a brutal hooligan foundation.

Have a nice day!



16.2.15 09:20


Start of the movie review: Prehistory

Hey guys,

in my review I'm going to tell you the most important facts about the movie "Green Street Hooligans". The protagonist is Elijah Wood, well-known because of his role out of the "lord of the rings" movies.


In the movie "Green Street Hooligans" he plays the complete different character, Matt Buckner. At the beginning of the film he still studies journalism at Harvard in the USA. Buckner brings his studies almost to an end, but his roommate prevents him from finishing it, because he rests his cocain in Buckners wardrobe. Therefore the movie begins with the end of Buckners studies.

After this occurrence he flys to London for visiting his sister.

18.2.15 10:58

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