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first contact to West Ham United

Maybe you wonder how it is possible, that Matt Buckner, a sheltered, book-smart boy, gets into the brutal hooligan scene.


One day Matt arrives in London and gets into her sisters flat. His sister Shannon lives there with her husband Steve, their Baby and the husbands brother Pete Dunham. Full of hapiness Matt enters the flat, but his sister and her husband have an appointment. Because of that Steve says, that Matt can go with Pete to watch the football game of West Ham United. 

Even if Steve and Shannon are against that, he goes with Pete. Steve knows, that Pete is a GSE member, because one time he was the leader of this firm. Therefore, he knows that the members are very violent and he also knows that it is very difficult to get out of the hooligan scene.

And this is the point in the story where Matt's behavior changes.



23.2.15 09:10
Letzte Einträge: the intake in the "Green Street Elite"


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