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Bovver, the betrayer

While the Green Street Elite celebrates Matt as the new member, Bovver feels cheated. In his opinion the danger of taking a journalist in the GSE is to high.

Huffy, Bovver drives to the foundation of the FC Millwall. Against this foundation the GSE won the fight some hours ago. The leader of the FC Millwall is Tommy Hatcher. He lost his son in a fight against the "GSE" ten years ago. Therefore Bovver knows that there is a concentrated hate between the two hooligan foundations.

Bovver tells them, that the GSE celebrates the win against them that moment in the GSE-Pub.

That is why just an hour later the Millwall hooligans get into the pub, destroyed everything and burned the pub down with the use of Molotov cocktails. Most of the GSE members are injured. Pete is injured, too, but he is also disappointed because of Bovver and the sneaky attack from the Millwall hooligans. 

Therefore he plans a revenge with Millwall some days later.


Bovver, the betrayer:


Tommy Hatcher (leader of the FC Millwall Hooligans):


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Letzte Einträge: the intake in the "Green Street Elite"


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