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the revenge

Taking revenge the GSE and the Millwall hooligans want to have a fight, where they know the date and the place before to be prepared. Therefore the two hooligan foundations made an appointment with each other some days before.

Arriving at the fighting place every hooligan of both foundations is full of anger. That is why we know before, that the fight will be very brutal.

Pete and Tommy Hatcher start the biggest fight in the history of the GSE and the Millwall hooligans. It's a kind of a last man standing match. They fight as long since the last one of the two foundations stands.

Suddenly, in the mid of the fight, Matt's sister Shannon arrives because her husband Steve told her, that Matt and Pete go for the big fight. She wants to save him. As I told you before, Tommy Hatcher hates Steve and the GSE, because they killed his son in a previous fight some years ago. Because of that Hatcher noticed that Steves wife arrived and starts walking over to Shannon to kill her.

Therefore Pete starts to shout in Hatchers direction for getting his attention. His plan works and Hatcher changes his direction. When Pete was careless in a moment another Millwall hooligan knocks him down. Tommy Hatcher uses the situation that Pete lays on the ground and hits him more than twenty times with a lot of power in his face.

The fight ends with the death of Pete.


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